The hottest AI tech is just our generation's calculator

January 2023

Imagine what we could have built together...
Why we believe conspiracy theories and how we can stop the crazy.
21st Century answers to, "What comes after the End of History?"feat. decentralized dictators, liquid democracy and a Nounish answer to public good…

December 2022

Some thoughts on bundling and unbundling social media.
Insights on the future of internet native organizations with the space's top network.

November 2022

In which I make my best case for why crypto is over/early.
On Elon, Elections and Emergence.
A quick history of the music industry. The search for meme-market fit for blockchain music. The real potential of audience-centric music DAOs.

October 2022

Erik Hoel's Gossip Trap. The emergence of civilization in online communities. A future of sovereign online communities.
The next era of professional sports looks a lot like the first era.
What is a community? Diasporic Nations. Hybrid digital/physical cities.