Economic history of the Industrial Revolution. The importance of markets for innovation. The blockchain opportunity.
A brief history of Reality TV and a modest proposal for the future of pseudo-real entertainment.
The Labor Movement in America and the Rise of Alternative Organizations in Web3.
Biden's student debt relief plan and the status-conscious roots of its divisiveness. The weird American Elite University System. What education…
Tornado Cash. Regulation by Enforcement. The New Technical Limitations on State Power. A Post-Westphalian Framework for State-Network negotiation.
Why our Redfin browsing is doomed and how fractionalizing real estate can help.
Existential angst in America. The collapse of the old myths. The rise of new cults. The hope for reinvigorating and renewing meaning in online…
Culture wars over American History. Historiography with Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. A shared ledger for humanity.
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