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A newsletter about DAOs for the crypto curious.
Imagining a new digital infrastructure for resistance and organizing against government overreach.
Biden's student debt relief plan and the status-conscious roots of its divisiveness. The weird American Elite University System. What education…
In which I make my best case for why crypto is over/early.
Mark Zuckerberg, Benevolent Platform Dictator vs. Cryptopunks, Vanguard of the Digital Enlightenment
Hobbes and the State of Nature. Crypto's "Bold Experiment" in Incentives vs. Regulation. Paths through the chaos.
From Aristotle to Newton to Gödel and Satoshi. A grand unified theory to answer "why now?" for the blockchain.
Crypto's Tom Paine tries his hand at Common Sense. The limits and opportunities for digital community in a physical world.
Status monkeys, influencers, game theory and the making of an NFT Empire.
Three lessons about how the relationship between people and their companies is changing.
Featuring RollerCoaster Tycoon. A Discussion on why gaming matters to technology. Skeuomorphic design. And the next set of great online experiences.